Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The Field Band has been to some great stops in Indiana this tour. One of the more unique stages was at Madison Park Church of God in Anderson. It was the biggest church I've ever seen! A beautiful facility that hosted a great crowd.

Here is our pianist, Darren, practicing before a show.

On the road, our chamber groups continue their mission of educational outreach. My brass quintet, (known as "Brass Five + 1".... I am the "+1"), was tasked with performing for an assembly of several hundred elementary school children. It is always fun to interact with little kids. They are absolutely fascinated by the instruments and all the sounds they can make.

Carmen guides student volunteers through the fundamental makeup of all brass instruments- a long tube with a mouthpiece and a bell attached. We call these contraptions "Hose Horns."

John and Jeannie perform side by side during a quintet number.

Here is a shot of James with the pack of students in the background. This was a very fun gig!

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